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Here’s What Our Clients Have Been Able To Achieve

Kimberly Swiatek  

“I am so grateful to Gina."  

"I never thought I would get unstuck and be able to move forward in such a strong and confident manner. I haven’t felt this good in years and I owe it all to her. Gina always made me feel safe and like we were a team; I always felt supported and never alone. Gina walked me through exercises and helped me to dig deep to tackle emotions that I was pushing aside. I was finally able to get out of my victim story and grow into a stronger woman by realizing and owning my 15% that I contributed to the failing marriage.”

Pamela Urbanek  

“I loved having Gina work with me."  

  "She helped me more than I ever thought. Gina kept pushing me to look for the answers even when I thought I had found them all. I discovered more about me and my past relationships than I ever thought. Gina was always professional with every step of the process and she helped me through a VERY rough time in my life and I am forever grateful to her.”  

Wendy Caldwell  

“I really enjoyed working with Gina and found our Conscious Uncoupling coaching sessions together to be very supportive, empowering and productive! "  

"Gina’s very skilled at asking quality questions, which helped me develop a stronger relationship with myself and helped me to effectively apply the transformative Conscious Uncoupling process to my specific circumstances. She’s also very skilled at creating safety and holding space for vulnerability. During our coaching sessions, Gina supported me and cheered for me to step into my authentic power and visibility.  

Together, we identified several Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tools and established some empowering intentions, all of which have helped me to rise into my fullest potential and remind me to wake myself up if/when I’m triggered back into my source fracture false story.  

Gina’s coaching left me feeling confident and fully prepared to get myself back into power center and to win in love and life! I am grateful for the safe bond we created, the effective tools we developed and Gina’s generous soul!" 

  Marybeth Dirado

“I cannot tell you how much Gina's coaching has made me move forward with life."  

"With that being said I have met someone, someone who truly cares about me and likes to do things and appreciates me. I did not settle.  

  The ex boyfriend who always seemed to pop in whenever he felt. I severed all ties with him after 38 years!! I could of never have done that without Gina.  

I am in my life so truly happy. I have wonderful children the most amazing grandchildren and a man who loves me unconditionally.”

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